Betelguese – A Programmable LED Brake Lamp

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Betelgeuse is a high intensity LED brake lamp with an integrated Flash Pattern Controller. It requires no modifications to your wiring harness and can be installed or removed as simply as replacing a standard bulb. Betelgeuse ships with 8 flash patterns that range from high frequency strobes to retro brightness ramps. In addition to the predefined flash patterns Betelgeuse is the first brake lamp controller on the market to offer recording and playback of your very own brake activation pattern. If you can tap it out on your brake lever, Betelgeuse can record and save your unique pattern for playback when you hit the brakes.


  • Fully configurable by using only your brake lever - no programming experience required
  • Chose between 8 predefined flash patterns or create your own unique pattern by recording your brake lever action
  • Jaw-Dropping visibility day and night with 4 Cree X-Lamp LED's that must be seen to believe.  These aren't the typical Superbright " LED Replacement Lamp " brightness.
  • Designed, Developed and Built in America
  • Fits Type 1157 Bayonet base or type 3157 Wedge base sockets with no wiring harness modifications required.  These are the dual filament tail light/brake light bulbs.
  • Suitable for use in your Motorcycle, Car, Truck, Trailer, Scooter, RV, Custom Vehicle and more
  • Raises awareness of motorcyclists even before an emergency stop condition arises
  • Reduces stopping distance by allowing you to keep your brakes applied in an emergency stop rather than pumping your brakes to flash your tail light which would cause you to lose valuable stopping time

1157 Bayonet Base

Type 3157 Wedge Base



You don't need a computer science degree to program Betelgeuse, just access to your brake lever. You can set your custom configuration to your installed Betelgeuse brake lamp by simply tapping your brakes. Your custom configuration will be remembered thru power cycles and even battery removal/replacement.  Selecting one of 8 predefined flash patterns couldn't be easier and there is even a mode where you can record your own 10 second flash pattern to be replayed every time you hit the brakes.


At the heart of the Betelgeuse brake lamp are four Cree X-Lamp High Brightness LED's capable of pumping out wicked bright stop lamp power to be seen both day and night.  These are no wimpy LED's and the result is about three times more light output compared to a typical LED replacement lamp.  The brightness and flash patterns are controlled by an on-board microcontroller. With an integrated design such as this, installation is made fast and insanely simple. There are no wires to cut, splice or solder, just install your Betelgeuse Brake Lamp as you would replace any standard bulb and you are ready to go.

Type 3157 Wedge Base

Flash Patterns:

Betelgeuse has a flash pattern to satisfy anyone. There are high frequency strobes for immediate attention grabbing as well as an old school ramp pattern to simulate incandescent bulbs. If you want to try something truly unique, you can configure Betelgeuse to record 10 seconds of brake lever action that will be saved and recalled each time you apply the brakes.  For a complete description of each flash pattern please refer to the user manual which is available here for download.  We also encourage you to check out a demonstration video of Betelgeuse on our YouTube Channel to get an idea of some of the capabilities Betelgeuse has.

Designed, Developed and Built in America:

At Lakeside Electronics, LLC we are proud to say the Betelgeuse Brake Lamp was designed, developed and built in America.

The Name:

The Lakeside Electronics Betelgeuse ( pronounced betel-juice or beetle-juice ) is named after one of the largest and most luminous stars in our galaxy by the same namesake. The red supergiant star Betelgeuse is positioned in the constellation Orion and is considered to be the 8th brightest star.

Technical Specification:

Betelgeuse Contains 4 Cree X-Lamp LED's that output Red Light in the 620 nm range with a 130 degree viewing angle each.

  • Tail Light On:     0.06 Amps ( 60 mA ) @ 13.8 VDC ( 0.8 Watts ) 41 Lumen Output
  • Brake Light On: 0.20 Amps ( 200 mA ) @ 13.8 VDC ( 2.8 Watts ) 124 Lumen Output
  • Strobe / Flash:  0.16 Amps avg. ( 160 mA ) @ 13.8 VDC ( 4.4 Watts ) 207 Lumen Output


Betelgeuse is available with a type 1157 Bayonet base, which is the most common socket or an optional type 3157 Wedge base which is used on many bikes including some 2005 and newer Harley Davidson motorcycles.  Check your owners or service manual to determine which bulb is required for your particular motorcycle.

If your tail light assembly requires bulb installation from the rear, please note that the large end of Betelgeuse is 1.05" diameter and you will need to make sure there are no obstructions in your tail light lens preventing installation of Betelgeuse.


Betelgeuse is covered by a 2 year warranty against manufacturing defects.  The full details of this warranty are listed in the Owners Manual.

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