Thor – A Programmable Brake Light Modulator

60Thor is a programmable brake light modulator unlike anything you've ever seen.  Just like Thor, the God of Lightning from Old Norse Mythology, this brake light modulator drops the hammer on the competition.  Thor has the technology to control up to a whopping 15 Amps of stop lamp power with 19 fresh new flash patterns.  That means you can blast an incredible 210 Watts of brake light power down range that refuses to be ignored.  In addition to the pre-programmed flash patterns, Thor can record and play back your very own custom flash pattern.  You can also select " The Randomizer " mode and you will never display the same flash pattern twice!  Best of all, you don't have to have a computer science degree to program Thor; it is fully configurable by using only your brake lever.  Whether you use LED bulbs, standard filament bulbs or a combination of both, Thor can handle it all.   Designed, Developed and Built in the USA, with all these features loaded into a tiny, weather resistant, 1" cube, you can see how Thor is the only Brake Light Modulator in its class.

Flash Patterns

Thor comes with 19 Pre-Programmed Flash patterns designed to get immediate attention the very moment you hit the brakes.  All of Thor's flash patterns can be used with LED or standard incandescent bulbs, or even a combination of both.  You can select high frequency strobes, slow blinks, or custom burst combinations that all command immediate attention.  About half of Thor's brake flash patterns will fire for about 1 second then switch to a steady ON brake light for as long as you hold the brakes.  The remainder of the flash patterns will repeat for as long as you hold the brakes; they pause with a steady ON brake light for about 3 seconds before repeating again, perfect for staying safe at a stop light.  If for some reason you need to temporarily disable Thor's flash patterns, you can set it to pass thru mode ( Pattern #19 ) where your brake light functions as a standard brake light.  For a detailed description of each flash pattern you can download a copy of the Thor User Manual Here.

Record and Playback

In addition to the 19 Pre-Programmed flash patterns, Thor has the ability to record and play back any flash pattern you can pump your brakes to.  Let motorists know how you feel about motorcycle safety with a Morse Code message played back on your brake light every time you stop.  You could even flash your brakes to the tune of your favorite song.   Whatever pattern you can tap your brakes to, Thor will record it and play it back every time you hit the brakes.

The Randomizer

You already know Lakeside Electronics is the first company to offer you recording and play back of your custom brake flash pattern, but now we're introducing the Randomizer.  The Randomizer is a totally new concept in brake light modulation that leverages the biological response of motorists to help them recognize you as a person trying to stay safe on your bike rather than just an obstacle in their way, or worse yet, invisible.  The Randomizer is a unique flash pattern mode that uses digital random number generation to create a never before seen flash pattern each and every time you hit the brakes.  In this mode, the number of flashes and the ON and OFF times are all randomly generated.  When you hit the brakes, the flashing of your brake light grabs the attention of motorists, but instead of repeating the same pattern over and over, Thor will deliver a totally new series of flashes every time you hit the brakes.  To the other motorists, this organic flash pattern looks like you are diligently pumping your brakes to alert them of your presence, but when you let Thor handle the flashing you will be braking and slowing down instead of wasting time pumping your brakes and losing valuable stopping distance.

Don't be lulled into the false sense of security from a brake light modulator that only flashes when you're braking hard - it's already too late.  Thor's brake light modulation patterns deliver an attention demanding strobe or flash every time you hit the brakes.  This helps raise awareness of you and your bikes presence long before an emergency stop condition arises.  Clear some road space for yourself by getting the tailgaters to back off before it's too late.


Thor is Designed, Developed and Built in the USA with the absolute latest in solid state, microprocessor electronics to modulate up to 15 Amps of brake light power.  That means you can have 210 Watts of synchronized brake lighting, helping keep you safe on the road.  How many brake lights is that?  Well, just add up the wattage of your bulbs to see.  P21/5 bulbs use 21 Watts each so 210 Watts / 21 Watts = 10 Brake lamps.  Other dual element bulbs like type 1157 can use 27 Watts of power each so you can run up to 7 of those brake lights thru Thor!  LED lighting uses considerably less current so you will be able to run even more LED lights thru Thor.

As you know, excessive heat means wasted power and it is the true enemy of long life electronics.  By using the highest technology available, we are able to design Thor into a tiny 1" cube with practically no heat build up and therefore no bulky heatsink required.  Thor's proprietary electronic circuitry is fully encapsulated with specifically designed epoxy to seal out moisture and resist vibration damage.  The result is a durable and weather resistant package that is so small it can be installed virtually anywhere.

What's Included?

With every order of Thor you will also receive an installation kit.  This consists of enough 3M ScotchLok connectors to splice Thor into your harness and ZipTies to secure Thor after installation.  You can download a copy of the Thor User Manual here for detailed instructions on installation.



Thor is covered by a 2 year warranty against manufacturing defects.  The full details of this warranty are listed in the Thor User Manual.

If you have any questions about Thor - A Programmable Brake Light Modulator, feel free to Contact Us.  You may also find the answer to your question on our FAQ Page.  If you are interested in learning more about brake light modulators, head over to our Technology Page.

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